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© Lead Image © Kheng Ho Toh,

© Lead Image © Kheng Ho Toh,

Article from Issue 241/2020

Create a convenient interface to your database with is an open source environment that lets you build a browser-based interface for a database. With, you can design and then use custom applications to store, share, and analyze data inside an SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Firebird, MSSQL, or Oracle database. The interfaces that creates are clean, customizable, pretty fast and, with minimal effort, portable on every platform that supports Python, from your laptop to your website.

As the website [1] puts it, "What MS Access is for Desktops, is for the Web. And much more."

Architecture and Main Features

The framework consists of just two components [2]. The server side, which talks with your browser, manages the configuration and directly accesses your database. The server side component runs on any computer with Python 2.6 or later. (For this tutorial, I tested on three different Linux systems, two running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and one with Centos 7, all with Python 3.8.) The client side is a pair of dynamic web pages that receive JavaScript code sent from the server. The client side component relies on popular open source libraries like jQuery and Bootstrap.


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