Retro platformer

Little Spy

Little Spy is a beautifully executed 2D platform game with nostalgia-laden graphics and an easy, accessible style of gameplay. It starts with a loading screen that both looks good and ably introduces the core game mechanics: Use cursor keys to control your character; press space to jump; and navigate between the floating platforms and the baddies, collecting things, before reaching the helicopter launch pad. It all feels slightly reminiscent of 8-bit Sensible Software games in the 1980s, especially when the baddies parachute in like your companions in Cannon Fodder. You can also parachute, dash, attack enemies, and double jump, all of which needs to be mastered before you can complete the game.

The game sensibly starts with a simple level to get you used to the controls, with lots of small platforms, plenty of objects to collect, and baddies to avoid. It plays a little like the ancient Bomb Jack, although the graphics here are a lot better. The game's entire production is all high quality, from the graphics and sound to the onboarding experience, and ultimately, the satisfying gameplay. Each level gets progressively more challenging and unforgiving. You need to collect a certain number of items, and the action will start to extend from one screen to several, all smoothly scrolled between as your little character jumps their way to the helicopter. There's even a story to follow – you are an agent tasked with retrieving stolen intelligence and technology. This is all a huge credit to the game's developer, Martin Wimpress, who built the game in two weeks using Godot for the My First Game Jam. And yes, that's the same Martin Wimpress who is responsible for Ubuntu MATE!

Project Website

Martin Wimpress has created a brilliant 2D platformer in very little time. Here's hoping he tries something more substantial!

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