Game development with Go and the Fyne framework

Coach's Advice

A few more tips for aspiring young soccer players: If the goalkeeper is standing far away from the goal and almost in front of the attacker, the only way to get past him is to shoot the ball up steeply (about 60 degrees). In this case, the shot needs to be powerful so that the ball does not come down on its steep path until just in front of the goal so that it hopefully rolls into it. In game situations where the goalkeeper is not too far out of the goal, a shot with a 45 degree angle of attack and moderate speed often does the trick. And as always, it helps to practice, practice, practice!


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The Author

Mike Schilli works as a software engineer in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. Each month in his column, which has been running since 1997, he researches practical applications of various programming languages. If you email him at he will gladly answer any questions.

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