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Space survival

Space Station 14

Space Station 14 is a unique top-down multiplayer game set on a space station. It's a remake of a cult classic called Space Station 13, but this version is completely open source and still under active development. The developers consider the game to be in an alpha state, and it can feel that way when it comes to trying to understand what's happening and what your overall objective might be. But the developers are also asking for people to test the game and contribute to the community, so it's definitely worth giving it a go. Once installed, you first need to connect to a server with other players, which will then download whatever assets are being used by that particular game instance. You then get to choose a character to play. There are many roles to choose from, including bartender, chef, clown, head of security, and captain. Each role comes with its own gear and task list. You'll soon find yourself aboard a pixelated spaceship consisting of a huge number of areas and, critically, lots of other players.

To start with, the game can feel a little like Among Us. You appear on the space station with no knowledge of its layout and locations or even your character's capabilities. You then point and click to move between areas and interact with other people through moveable chat windows. There are rogue-like elements to the graphics, especially in the fog-of-war effect that obscures the parts your character wouldn't be able to see from their current position, but the graphics are very effective at creating an immersive space station-like atmosphere. It feels reminiscent of an old Amiga and Atari ST game called Pandora where you appear on a similar space station and need to solve a murder. In Space Station 14, the idea is that various disasters will befall the station and you and your fellow players must work together to keep everything going.

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Around the border of the game window is a "hotbar" for actions, shortcuts for controls, the chat window, and the items you're holding.

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