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Article from Issue 255/2022

Kdenlive plays to its strengths when editing larger video projects and also helps users create appealing slideshows with impressive effects.

Granted, at first glance, it seems like total overkill to create a slideshow with a video editing program. But if you take a closer look, there are good reasons to do so.

It is true that even simple programs such as Imagination [1] let you create slideshows relatively quickly from a series of images. Many transitions are available, and zooming is pretty easy. But when it comes to fine-tuning the zoom speed or holding zoom points and then moving the section further, this kind of software quickly reaches its limits.

This is where video editing programs come into their own. Although the transitions they offer are only suitable for slideshows to a limited extent, they can be used to control zooms and pans in all variations and in all details. On Linux, Kdenlive [2] is a good choice for video editing: Mature, yet relatively simple in its basic approach, it is reasonably easy to use. (See the "Kdenlive" box for more information.)


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