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Article from Issue 265/2022

Mind maps help you organize your thoughts and ideas in a clear-cut tree structure. Heimer can help you draw those trees.

What are you having for dinner tonight? This is always a tricky question, with family members having different ideas about what they would put on the menu. Fortunately, the many suggestions can be quickly organized in a mind map. This involves writing a central term at the center of a sheet of paper and then branching off with topically related, derived, or subordinate terms. Like a tree, this creates branches, which in turn help to structure the ideas, thoughts – or recipes.

Besides helping you choose a recipe, mind maps can also help you gather the content you need for a thesis or visualize complex relationships. And they are particularly useful for lectures: The memorable graphics make it easier to remember all the topics you need to address in your lecture rather than just using a list. With Heimer [1], mind maps can be drawn with a pen and paper or quickly assembled with a mouse click. When you add a new item, Heimer rearranges all the existing elements at the push of a button. You can export the finished mind map in either PNG or SVG format.


Some distributions include Heimer in their package sources – openSUSE Tumbleweed, for example. On Ubuntu, you can install the software at the command line using:


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