Predicting the productivity of a solar array with Perl

Solar Power Leashed

© Lead Image © Vlada Grechko,

© Lead Image © Vlada Grechko,

Article from Issue 268/2023

A forecast service and some Perl magic help predict the solar power yield of a residential photovoltaic array.

The current energy crisis has led many homeowners to invest in solar power. More people than ever are choosing to install photovoltaic generation systems on their rooftops for domestic use. Depending on how much money is invested on such systems, homeowners could see their power bills cut in half or even have them reduced to nothing.

Solar is not all advantages, though: Power generation represents a huge upfront investment that will take more than a decade to recoup. Another huge disadvantage, however, is that photovoltaic arrays are only productive if the weather is willing to cooperate (Figure 1).

A house equipped with a photovoltaic set (Table 1) might become truly self-sufficient, as long as it is well managed. However, to optimize the use of solar power, it is important to predict the daily power yield of the system. If you have access to an accurate forecast, you can plan ahead.


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