Transfer Photos to Linux from Transcend Wi-Fi SD Card Using TransSVR

Dmitri Popov

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Feb 26, 2015 GMT
Dmitri Popov

Transcend Wi-Fi SD cards offer a simple and economical way to add wireless transfer capabilities to your camera. Using the accompanying app, you can use your Android device for transferring and previewing photos. The Wi-Fi SD card also features a web interface, so it's possible to access and transfer photos using a regular browser. But doing this manually every time you need to transfer and preview photos can quickly become a nuisance. The TransSVR Perl script solves the problem by automatically transferring photos from a Wi-Fi SD card to the Linux machine as soon as you take them.

To make the script work on your system, make sure that Perl and wget are installed on it. Download the script and make it executable using the chmod +x command. If your machine connects to the wireless network created by the card and you didn't modify the default login credentials, you don't have to tweak the script. Turn on your camera, make sure your Linux machine is connected to the card's network, then launch the script by running the ./ command. The script then automatically detects the card and puts it into the Shoot & View mode. And when you take a photo, the script duly transfers it to the machine.

This clever script does have a couple of shortcomings. First of all, it can only transfer photos in the JPEG format (i.e., it's no use for RAW files), and it needs a pause of 2-3 seconds between shots to be able to detect new photos.

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