Writebox: Almost Perfect Chrome/Chromium Text Editor

Dmitri Popov

Productivity Sauce

Mar 12, 2015 GMT
Dmitri Popov

While it might look like yet another lightweight text editor for Google Chrome and Chromium, Writebox features functionality essential for any writing professional. For starters, Writebox works offline, which makes it a perfect text editor for working on text files while offline -- especially if you happen to use Chromebook. The editor has an unobtrusive interface, and it supports line, word, and character count. Better still, Writebox lets you specify the desired font and configure a handful of other formatting options, such as background and text color, font size, line spacing, and the width of the writing area.

All text files created with Writebox are stored locally, but the editor can also use Dropbox and Google Drive for synchronization and storage. In other words, you can save your text files on any (or both) of these services as well as open existing files in the editor. While Writebox doesn't support syntax highlighting, it offers a feature for previewing Markdown-formatted text files. And as any modern text editor, Writebox provides extensive support for keyboard shortcuts.

Since Writebox doesn't support line numbering and syntax highlighting, it might not appeal to casual coders and developers. But if you write for profit or fun, the editor would make a perfect addition to your writing toolbox.

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