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May 13, 2008 GMT
Rikki Kite

Many moons ago, before I started grad school, I embroidered almost every day. I look forward to embroidering again, starting right after my graduation party this weekend. So it's fitting that frequent Linux Magazine contributor Dmitri Popov sent me this fabulous link today to Open Source Embroidery. According to the site:

"The same arguments about Open Source vs Free Software can be applied to embriodery. The needlework crafts also have to negotiate the principles of 'freedom' to create, modify and distribute, within the cultural and economic constraints of capitalism. The Open Source Embroidery project simply attempts to provide a social and practical way of discussing the issues and trying out the practice. Free Software, Open Source, amatuer and professional embrioderers and programmers are welcome to contribute to the project."

You can read Jess Laccetti's interview with Open Source Embroidery project founder Ele Carpenter over at the site.

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