Red Advance

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 tested

Jul 31, 2014

On June 10, Red Hat launched a new major release of its enterprise distribution, RHEL 7. We take a look to find out where RHEL is headed.

Network Daemon

systemd-networkd — Network configuration

Jul 31, 2014

The new networkd component of the systemd project supports basic network configuration. Despite its early stage of development, one thing is clear: This is a daemon with brains.

ownCloud: The Project That Became a Company


Jul 28, 2014

Many companies try to create a free software project around their products; however, ownCloud has taken the opposite approach, creating a company around a project.


Sunflower – A small, highly configurable file manager

Jun 27, 2014

Sunflower is a highly configurable graphical file manager with two windows that implement an unusual concept by trying to integrate the command line with the file manager.

Collector's Item

Manage collections of different types with GCstar

Jun 06, 2014

If you have a passion for collecting things, the smart GCstar tool can help you keep track of your treasures.

Silver Screen


Jun 27, 2014

Video-on-demand services often don't play well with Linux because they depend on Microsoft's Silverlight browser plugin. Luckily, you can call on the Wine offshoot Pipelight to rescue your next home movie night.

Smart Settings

USB flash drives with Live Lernstick distro deliver educational software in schools

Jun 27, 2014

The Lernstick free distribution provides a unified and mobile environment for students and teachers. At home or in the classroom, you always have access to the same programs.

Home Away from Home

Using Linux on Windows with Cygwin

Jun 06, 2014

The Cygwin environment lets you run Linux applications on a Windows system.

34 Free Software Advocates Elected to European Parliament

Free Software Wins in European Elections

Jun 16, 2014

Free software advocacy groups in Europe signed up 162 pro-free software candidates, 34 of whom were elected to the European Parliament.

Reusing Previous Commands with the Bash History Suggest Box

Nifty app offers expanded access to terminal history

Jun 06, 2014

You can always browse the Bash history using your arrow keys, but Bash's search capabilities are very limited. Enter the clever Bash History Suggest Box.

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