Django Reloaded, Workshop, Part 1

Programming with the Python Django web framework


The screencast is from Douglas Napoleone of the Python Software Foundation, programming with the Django Framework.

The Return of Django, Part 1/6

Douglas Napoleone is programming a Web database with Django.

See Part 2/6

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  • Re: Download of the videos

    Note that the download client (e.g. Wget or Opera) will
    report an error at the end of download for the download URLs
    above. These errors can be ignored - I think it is a problem
    with the Web-server. To avoid Wget getting into a loop
    downloading multiple times add the "--ignore-length" option.
  • Download of the videos

    The direct download URLs of the 6 videos are:

    E.g. the first URL maps to http://www.linux-magazine.c...05ec18ad74cc6d2649bbc05a16.flv

    Peter Mortensen

  • Mac OS X

    I have been lately wondering why a great deal of Open Source programmers are starting or are switching to Mac OS X. This is a real confirmation. Imagine a Windows or Mac OS X centric magazine using Linux for screencasts. I know the author said Linux wasn't readily available but if I were the editor of this magazine I would have not allowed this to be posted. By the way I'm not a Linux zealot, to the contrary I just switched back to Vista after a year of chasing my tail in Linux. ( not to say I won't remount the bull to stick with Linux because Open Source just makes good sense to me but is seemingly unrealistic at this time with the state of the Linux desktop. Who knows Mark Shuttleworth may put together a good integration of the best of opensource world and package it in such a way that will cause Linux users to stop flocking to Mac.

    I'll bet there are Linux companies that have a great deal of their developers moving to the Mac. As one article I remember from last year put it (is Mac OS X , Linux done right). The only open source figure I hear addressing this is Miguel De Icaza. He was mentioning it in the context of why he is trying to make application development better on Linux with Mono. The ironic part of that is that Linux can't seem to move forward without mimicking closed source methadologies.

    The best looking Linux to date is the new KDE but that is in a state of disarray currently as well. Maybe Linux is a geeks OS and maybe it is just for specific niches but maybe that should be realized rather then all the opensource pundits blabbing about Linux being better then the Mac and Vista.

    To me it is no where near the level of safistication and engineered completeness that is Mac and Windows.

  • Possible solution?

    By allowing to run javascript in your browser...
  • video download

    Nice video tutorial.
    How can i download video?
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