Arch Linux: Linux for Advanced Users

Feb 18, 2009

Aimed at experienced users, the new version 2009.02 of Arch Linux comes with the new Ext4 data system and a re-worked installer.

Installation media for Arch Linux 2009.02 was made available yesterday. With experienced Linux fans in mind, the new version comes without GUIs, and after initial installation the user is immediately confronted with a command line. The package manager Pacman is an in-house development orientated on Debian's Apt and the Arch Build System (ABS), a Gentoo-like Build System, serves for building packages from source codes.

The new version has a 2.6.28 kernel and supports the Ext4 data system. Repair tools for Ext4 are included on the live media with images for 32 and 64 Bit systems available. According to the Arch Project, bugs in the installer have been fixed and basic documentation updated. Arch packages are also available for KDE 4.2 and Gnome 2.24.

Because of problems caused by Grub on some PCs, the new Arch comes with the bootloader Isolinux on the installation media. Users who prefer the core version can install Arch Linux 2009.02 without internet access, with all necessary packages (apart from a desktop) being stored within the installations media. A complete list of download options can be found here.

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