Dell challenges Psion's claim to Netbooks

Feb 25, 2009

Since the end of 2008, Psion has actively defended its copyright of the term netbook, with some success. Now Dell has issued court papers disputing the claim.

With its sales of Inspiron Mini 9, 10 and 12, Dell is effectively selling netbook devices without actually using the term "netbook" on its homepage. Nevertheless, Dell has started a Petition for Cancellation of Psion's trademark.

According to an article on PCPro, Psion declared before a court in 2006 that the company was continuing to market devices they called netbooks. Dell disputes this, and accuses Psion of making "false statements", thereby forfeiting Psion's claim to copyright of the term.

Dell obviously has a vested interest in the outcome of the petition. A new report by claims that Dell's netbook business is having considerable success. A third of purchases are Linux versions, and Dell is quite satisfied with the low return rates.

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