FSF vs. Windows 7: Round Two

Oct 14, 2009

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has invited 500 representatives of non-profit organizations to opt out of Windows 7.

A new letter from the FSF addressed to worldwide non-governmental organizations (NGOs) warns about the repercussions of the decision to release the new version of Windows this month: loss of freedom, privacy and security.

Instead, says the FSF, organizations should turn to free software. The foundation had started its Windows 7 Sins campaign in August 2009, as we reported at that time. The current letter to the NGOs is round two of the campaign.

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  • 7 sins

    From the 7 sins website: "Free software operating systems like GNU/Linux can do the same jobs as Windows, but they encourage users to share, modify, and study the software as much as they want."

    Yeah. My Mum really wants to share, modify, and study the software when she checks her email.
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