KDE Applet for Frequent Flyers

Aug 27, 2009

We know by sitting strapped in our seats that all electronic devices are required to be shut off during startoffs and landings. But during longer flights it's no problem working on your notebook -- as long as WLAN, Bluetooth and 3G devices are nixed.

Kubuntu developer Richard Johnson actually planned the applet for the Kubuntu Netbook Edition, but found that a program that disables power on wireless devices could be adaptable to regular laptops as well. It not only satisfies flight security but has a positive effect on notebook and netbook battery life.

The Kairmode applet found its place in Kubuntu just in time for Ubuntu's feature freeze. Albeit that it initially supports only WiFi and Bluetooth and has issues with the Asus Eee PCs, as Johnson points out in his blog. He promises that updates will make KDE Airplane Mode work for most notebooks, including 3G support.

The Kairmode applet can turn off wirelesss devices individually or as a group.

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