Klone 2.0.0: Web Applications in C/C++

Oct 30, 2007

Embedded specialists Koan Logic have released version 2.0 of their webserver framework Klone which gives programmers the ability to development web applications in C and C++.

Besides performance boosts and a number of bugfixes, Klone 2.0 now has virtual hosts, a new build system and support for the CGI interface.

Klone gives developers the ability to embed code for dynamic websites in the C and C++ languages in HTML pages. Just like other server-side Web applications the program sections are enclosed in "<% %>" tags. The application can be compiled with the Web server to create an executable.

The resulting application server can handle HTTP and HTTPS. Due to its low memory requirements the system is perfect for designing Web interfaces for embedded systems.

The website, which runs on Koan's own software, offers Klone under a dual licensing model. Either the GPLv2 or the KLone Commercial License applies so that the Web server can be deployed in proprietary products.

The developers advise against a manual download of the source code. The Klone Tutorial explains how to facilitate the download and build process using a Makefile.

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