LM Sensors 3.0.0 Reworked

Nov 26, 2007

Version 3.0.0 of LM Sensors, a software package for hardware monitoring has just been released.

The new version was preceded by three release candidates and seven months of hard work. During this time, the developers forked off the I2C Tools, which were formerly part of LM Sensors, to create a separate package.

The developers have completely reworked the underlying Libsensors library, and upped the version number to 4.0.0. Libsensors uses the SysFS interfaces and now has a far smaller footprint than its predecessor. LM Sensors 3.0.0 is suitable for use with theLinux kernel 2.6.5 or newer; the software itself no longer contains kernel drivers, but runs entirely in userspace. Existing "sensors.conf" configuration files can still be used with the new library. The new release provides a script for converting to the new format.

For more information, and for the LM Sensors source code package, visit the project homepage. The license is GPL version 2. Patches are available for applications such as XSensors or GKrellkm that rely on Libsensors, to ensure compatibility with the new version of the library.

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