MontaVista Linux 6 in Variations for OMAP, Moblin, and Co

May 13, 2009

The embedded Linux specialist MontaVista software promises more flexibility through processor-specific distributions in version 6 of the in-house Linux variant.

After two years of development time for complete remolding, the U.S. company introduces a new concept with MontaVista Linux 6: "market-specific distributions," or MDE. These MDE are variations on the operating system which is optimized for processor families. For example, there is one in the Intel Atom processor version which is compatible with the mobile platform from hardware manufacturer Moblin. MontaVista offers further variants for the OMAP35 xx platform from Texas Instruments as well as for the Power PC and iMX Architecture from Freescale.

"In the current market situation, customers are often forced to make the difficult decision of which Linux technology to use to start a project: Open Source, the Linux technology of the semiconductor manufacturer, or a commercial distribution," said Jim Ready, founder and CTO of MontaVista upon consideration. "The decision always brings about compromises, and it may be difficult to change them once development has already begun." With MontaVista Linux 6, the chief of technology promises its customers more flexibility and freedom of choice. It will also contribute to the new Build Engine, MontaVista’s integration platform.

Using this platform, developers will be able to use a prompt tool to adapt kernels, hardware drivers, libraries and applications to suit their needs. The integration of third-hand code components should be easier, and because the basis is open-source technology, developers will be able to use familiar file formats and standards. The developer will “dynamically” receive data for the platform from the equally new MontaVista content server, a centralized database for source code and other content. Also to be remolded is the Eclipse-based development interface MontaVista DevRocket in Version 6.

Currently, MontaVista Linux 6 is still in beta testing; the final release is announced for July.

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  • It's actually MSD's

    The new MontaVista Linux Market Specific Distributions are actually referred to as MSD's, not MDE's.
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