More Choices: SourceForge Adds to its Repertoire

Mar 16, 2009

SourceForge, the popular host of countless Open Source projects, is extending its repertoire of source code management systems, among them Git.

SourceForge should be familiar to most Open Source users: for many years the Internet platform has given thousands of software projects a virtual home, including the use of the Subversion and CVS source code management (SCM) systems.

SourceForge is now extending its offerings to free hosting for Git, Bazaar and Mercurial so that users can check their code in and out using these SCM systems.

The availability of diverse version control systems makes complete sense in view of the diverse needs. Linus Torvalds developed Git, for example, because no free alternatives existed at the time to satisfy kernel developers' requirements.

A few projects will probably take their time to switch to SourceForge, but they won't have to learn any new syntax. While MySQL, Launchpad and the Linux Foundation have for some time already used Bazaar for an SCM system, the ALSA, NFTS-3g and OpenJDK projects have used Mercurial.

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