Open Source Graphics Card for Developers

May 28, 2008

The Open Graphics project has released specifications for its first card and will accept orders at a price of US$ 1500.

If the price sounds reasonable to you, what you get in the OGD1 FPGA Development Kit is a PCI X reference card, the PDF format manual on a CD and a DVI-VGA adapter. According to the orders page one hundred orders are required to manufacture the card. To make things easier, the first one hundred customers will be given a US$ 100 discount on their orders with a Lattice programming cable added into the bargain.

The board with its completely open specification has the following parameters: PCI/PCI-X (33/64-bit, 33-133MHz), 256 MByte DDR400 graphics memory, Lattice LFXP10 non-volatile FPGA (specification sheet), Xilinx Spartan-III XC3S4000 FPGA (specification sheet, Silicon Image SiI178 Dual Link DVI Transmitters, Philips TDA8777 Triple 330Mhz 10-bit Video DAC, Conexant CX25874 Video Encoder, dimensions: 6.875 x 4.2 inches, power consumption: ~20 watts.

Linux drivers are not currently available for the PCI card as the reference card is mainly targeted at developers.

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