OpenOffice Portable in Version 3.1

Jul 02, 2009

The portable version of the OpenOffice suite is now available in version 3.1.

OpenOffice Portable 3.1, like its predecessor, serves as an on-the-go office application and can be started via USB stick without installation. However, this works with 3.1 over Windows with Python only, although Linux has a workaround using Wine. The new portable OpenOffice is, unfortunately, more geared toward transitioners between the Linux and Windows worlds.

Upgrading from a previous Portable version requires downloading the new version, unpacking it on the storage media and removing the old one. The preferences and macros of the older version can be copied from PortableOpenOffice\settings to OpenOfficePortable\Data\settingsand thus preserved. This method also applies to users who want to activate their favorite OpenOffice settings on Portable, which means copying the directory contents from \Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\OpenOffice.org2\ to OpenOfficePortable\Data\settings\.

Download of OpenOffice Portable 3.1 is available from (website in German) or via Bittorrent tracker.

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