SUSE Forks Red Hat’s Spacewalk Project

May 29, 2018

SUSE relies heavily on the project for its own SUSE Manager.

SUSE and openSUSE developers have forked Red Hat’s Spacewalk project to create Uyuni. The fork was announced during the openSUSE Conference in Prague, Czech Republic. Spacewalk is an open-source systems management solution which was upstream for Red Hat Satellite and SUSE Manager.

Klaus Kämpf, SUSE’s Project Owner of SUSE Manager, told us in an interview, put Spacewalk in maintenance mode and the project didn’t have the developer bandwidth to accept new changes suggested by SUSE.

Initially SUSE tried to work with Red Hat to hand over the project and Spacewalk trademark to SUSE, but it didn’t work out. A fork was the only alternative.

“SUSE Manager’s development will be openly available to open-source community members for whatever contributions they would like to make to the Uyuni project,” Kämpf said.

Uyuni will be an openSUSE/SUSE maintained project, just like openSUSE, and anyone can contribute. The current development plans call for releasing a first version this summer, and the developers will then decide on a release model together with the community.

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