Simply Simple: Homepages with Tilswiki

May 26, 2009

Viennese developer Tilmann Singer has programmed a wiki that is in continual edit mode. The current Tilswiki 0.8 also provides versioning.

The wiki workpage has no Edit button: the user can use a toolbar for headings, text elements and graphics insertions. Working this in the background (on Firefox 3 only) is the contentEditable attribute. The software automatically saves your edits.

New to Tilswiki 0.8 is the version history. On the History dialog, a slider provides access to older versions, with the option of saving them as newer ones.

Tilswiki is licensed under Affero GPL (AGPL) and uses the Merb Ruby framework and JQuery JavaScript library. Further details and the source code are ready for download on the project homepage. A sandbox page is also available to try it out.

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