Tidydoc Document Organizer

Aug 13, 2009

Tidydoc makes organizing documents easy, be it via a file transfer program or web interface. The open source software is now available in version 0.5.

The program not only generates bibtex file referencing, all functions, such as uploading documents, indexing and naming, can be done using a web interface. The new 0.5 version comes with a web server, ideal for local installation, with just a Python interpreter needed. As in the past, a fully-grown Apache will also do the job.

Tidydoc is also accessible through the command line interface, enabling the upload of documents with, for example, scp.

The software is under GPLv3 license and can be downloaded from the Savannah website as source code tarball. The project also has a public
demo-installation, which however, shows version 0.4.

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