Twilio Releases OpenVBX

Jun 15, 2010

Open source telephony service for businesses allows drag-and-drop call routing, text-to-speech, voice transcription and voicemail forwarding.

Twilio Cloud Communications announced OpenVBX, an open source, enterprise telephony suite that the company is touting as a Google Voice for businesses. OpenVBX offers virtual phone numbers, conference lines, voicemail-to-Email, voicemail with text transcription, text-to-speech and SMS text messaging, in addition to standard features such as call forwarding and caller ID.

The suite is built on PHP and mySQL, allowing for developers to create custom plugins and additional functionality. This also allows OpenVBX to be integrated into existing phone systems or standalone. For developers, OpenVBX can be skinned, customized and sold, providing a scalable, unique solution for businesses regardless of size.

OpenVBX requires MySQL 5+, PHP (5.2 is recommended), a Twilio Account and a Web server. Twilio itself doesn't provide hosting, but the company does recommend DreamHost for a one-click install. OpenVBX 0.74 can be downloaded at

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  • Not open-source

    The client libraries may be open-source, but the underlying platform is a fee-based hosted system for which source is not available. Twilio is being disingenuous.
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