Video: Android and Linux Kernel

Feb 17, 2010

At FOSDEM 2010 in Brussels, Linux Magazine Online pulled Android commentator Jan Wildeboer and kernel staging tree maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman away from the daily events to talk with them on camera.

Wildeboer was concerned in his blog at the onset of FOSDEM that Google was forking the Linux kernel. He even called up a boycott of the FOSDEM Beer Event sponsored by Google, with a rap on the knuckles: "One of the rules of FOSDEM is not to let politics/religion meddle with the way we work," responded a FOSDEM organizer in the commentaries to Wildeboer's blog.

The blog specifically addressed Greg Kroah-Hartman's recent removal of the Android drivers from the kernel staging tree. In the video, Wildeboer and Kroah-Hartman talk with Linux Magazine Online editor Nils Magnus about Google's recent doings as well as what it takes to be part of the Linux community -- and how prepared Google is to be such.

Linux Magazine Online quizzes Android critic Jan Wildeboer und staging tree manager Greg Kroah-Hartman at FOSDEM 2010 about the removed Android drivers.

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