Driver Project: Kroah-Hartman Looking for More Hardware

Oct 30, 2007

The driver project launched by kernel developer Greg Kroah-Hartman doesn't have enough hardware to work on. Although the Linux Driver project has enough developers, they aren't all working at full capacity, says Kroah-Hartman in his blog.

The project has around 300 developers right now, but not enough hardware. Kroah-Hartman admitted that he isn't aware of a popular device that Linux doesn't support. This is why he has called in his blog for users to submit devices that completely or partially lack Linux support to the project wiki.

The Linux Driver project will be starting a drive to increase the number of devices supported by Linux in September. The developers offer to program free Linux driver for hardware submitted to them by vendors. All the manufacturers need to do is to publish the technical specifications for the device in question; without specifications driver development is a very difficult task.

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