Issue #42: 101 Cool Linux Hacks / Jun 2021

Cover Theme: 101 Cool Linux Hacks


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Improve your Linux skills with this cool collection of expert tips and shortcuts. 

Our 101 hacks include ingenious tools, techniques, and shell commands for customizing your desktop, repairing your system, improving privacy, working with code, and more!

Turn to any page and you'll find a useful trick that will save you time and enhance your system. For instance:

  • Reset your Linux with Resetter
  • Undelete lost files
  • Repair your bootloader
  • Zoom in on your desktop
  • Cure the caps lock disease
  • Run C one-liners in the shell
  • Transfer files with Magic Wormhole
  • Disable your webcam and mic

See below for the complete list of hacks.

Desktop Modding
Hack 1 Curing the Caps Lock Disease
Hack 2 Latte Dock: The Best Dock for KDE
Hack 3 KDE Window Hacking
Hack 4 Global Menu for KDE Programs
Hack 5 Save Storage with Advanced Image Formats
Hack 6 Zoom Everything on Your Screen
Hack 7 Zoom into the Gnome Desktop
Hack 8 Use Virtual Desktops, Memorize the Hotkeys
Hack 9 Caffeine Helps Your Linux PC Stay Awake
Hack 10 What Would That Resolution Look Like?

Getting Stuff Done
Hack 11 Find Your Files with DocFetcher
Hack 12 Organize Your Ideas with Zim, the Desktop Wiki
Hack 13 Track Time with Chrono
Hack 14 Launch Programs Inside a VirtualBox VM
Hack 15 Create a Cheap Timer with sleep
Hack 16 Finding and Installing Online Fonts
Hack 17 Sync Up Your Phone and Linux Desktop
Hack 18 Self-Organization with GTG

Keep It Running
Hack 19 Clone It with Clonezilla
Hack 20 Write ISOs to USB Sticks
Hack 21 All You Need to Know About inxi
Hack 22 Repair Your Bootloader
Hack 23 Cleaning House with Stacer
Hack 24 Reset Your Debian-Based Distribution
Hack 25 Repair the Debian Package Database
Hack 26 Learn the vi Editor Basics
Hack 27 Follow File Updates
Hack 28 Monitor Your System in a Terminal
Hack 29 Visualize ddrescue's Progress
Hack 30 Run dmesg with the Right Options
Hack 31 Where Did You Mount That Disk?

Security & Privacy
Hack 32 Install and Run Tor Browser
Hack 33 Permanently Wipe Files from Your Hard Disk
Hack 34 Disable Webcam and Microphone
Hack 35 Disable Password-Based SSH Logins
Hack 36 Encrypt Your Emails with GPG
Hack 37 Enhancing Security with sudo Options
Hack 38 Use Two-Factor Authentication with Authenticator
Hack 39 Start Your Training with Web Security Dojo
Hack 40 Lock Your Screen, Always
Hack 41 Use ccrypt for Quick Encryption

Hack 42 Monitor Your Network with Nutty
Hack 43 DIY Network Configuration
Hack 44 Share Files on the Local Network
Hack 45 Dig a Tunnel with sshuttle
Hack 46 Send Files Without Knowing the Target's IP
Hack 47 Check Your DNS Server with DNSDiag
Hack 48 Run a Simple HTTP Server: weborf
Hack 49 Use screen in SSH Sessions
Hack 50 Access a Remote PC's Shell Session
Hack 51 Slow sudo? Check Your Hostname Configuration
Hack 52 Use Network Manager's CLI

Shell Hacks
Hack 53 Configure Your Shell History
Hack 54 Progress Bars for Standard Tools
Hack 55 Replace top with htop
Hack 56 Super-Fast Terminal Emulator
Hack 57 Universal Unpacker
Hack 58 Listing Files with Style
Hack 59 ASCII Browsing with Browsh
Hack 60 Command References at
Hack 61 Highlighting Instead of Grepping
Hack 62 Add File Type Icons to Your File Listing
Hack 63 Upterm, a Terminal with Built-In†Shell
Hack 64 The fish Shell
Hack 65 Using a Sub-Shell
Hack 66 Start the Right App

Publish or Perish
Hack 67 Install the Diagram Editor Locally
Hack 68 Record Screencasts with Peek
Hack 69 Edit Your Videos with VidCutter
Hack 70 Creating Long Documents with Styles
Hack 71 Editing HTML with Live Preview in Brackets
Hack 72 Free Wildcard X.509 Certificates for Your Domain
Hack 73 Test Alternative CMSs with Docker
Hack 74 How Fast Is Your Server?

Deep Hacks
Hack 75 Safely Powering Off Your Machine
Hack 76 Make Files Immutable or Append-Only
Hack 77 Mount tar.gz and zip Archives
Hack 78 Recover Deleted Files with PhotoRec and TestDisk
Hack 79 Change Root into Second Distro
Hack 80 Bind Mount a Directory with New Permissions
Hack 81 Run Binaries from a Different Linux Installation
Hack 82 Don't Be So Case-Sensitive

Working with Code
Hack 83 Run C Code from the Command Line
Hack 84 Edit Binary Files with hx
Hack 85 Edit Your Text Files with Textosaurus
Hack 86 Manage Your git Repository with GRV
Hack 87 Make git Interactive
Hack 88 Replace hexdump with a Colorful Tool
Hack 89 Reverse Engineering with Cutter
Hack 90 Textadept Works in Graphics and Text Mode
Hack 91 Perform Dynamic Code Analysis with SystemTap
Hack 92 Count Lines of Code in Your Project
Hack 93 Fix Disturbing Indentation and More

Having Fun
Hack 94 Interesting Terminal Output for Your Visitors
Hack 95 Scan the Network Like a Script Kiddie
Hack 96 Drive Your Moon Lander -- in ASCII!
Hack 97 Run Your Own BBS
Hack 98 Explore, Expand, Exterminate: Play Star Ruler 2
Hack 99 Edit Files Like It's the 90s Again
Hack 100 Read Old Unix Books
Hack 101 Pick a Retro Screensaver

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