Issue #44_SI: MakerSpace #02 / Apr 2022

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Hands-On Projects for Makers

Welcome to MakerSpace 2, an all-new collection of exciting, hands-on projects for you or the maker in your life. If you're new to MakerSpace, here's a short overview of what we do. This is a computer magazine, but we're not talking about the latest Apple computers or Windows or Linux boxes -- or about Android or iOS smartphones and tablets, either. This is about technology that you can use to build your own stuff. It is where you can let your ideas materialize.


Light Painting
Light painting is a technique that exposes a subject over a period of time while moving the light sources. With a little technical support from a Raspberry Pi Pico, you can achieve sophisticated results.

DIY Boombox
A HiFiBerry HAT and a Raspberry Pi combine with two old speakers to create a contemporary boombox.

Deluxe Web Radio
An LCD, a self-designed housing, and matching software make a simple Raspberry Pi web radio the perfect centerpiece for any living room.

ESP8266 for WiFi Sniffing
The ESP8266 is in the core of many IoT devices. Thanks to ESP8266 sniffer mode, you can monitor the WiFi medium for diagnostics and optimization.

This programmable audio platform offers incredible performance -- but you'll need a BeagleBone Black.

Digital Spirit Level
The small MPU6050 sensor contains a gyroscope and an accelerometer, which means that you can build a digital spirit level with it.

Miniature Photography
Exploring miniature photography with a web camera and a Raspberry Pi.
Saltwater Battery
Rechargeable lithium batteries are expensive, and manufacturing them damages the environment. Saltwater batteries offer a cheaper and greener approach to storing energy.

Kitchen Kiosk
Create a kiosk display from an old eReader to show data culled from home automation, Raspberry Pis, and Arduinos.

Repurposed Router Projects
If you have an old router lying around, you can put it to good use with a few easy projects and learn something along the way.

Save Your Expired Chromebook
GalliumOS "Bismuth" will keep your Chromebook healthy after its expiration date.
OpenPLC on a Raspberry Pi
Create automation projects with ladder logic, function blocks, structured text, and Modbus TCP.

Pi Control of USB Devices
Command-line tools and Node-RED on a Raspberry Pi let you control projects that use the USB ports.

CO2 Sensors
The CO2 content of indoor air is a clue to its quality. Setting up a simple sensor will tell you when it's time to open the windows.
Sharpin Pro
Playing pinball on the computer just isn't the same -- unless you have a Sharpin virtual pinball machine.

To write programs in BASIC, you just need a machine that can run a BASIC interpreter. We showcase a few options, from old home computers to FPGA-based machines to emulator programs.

The Raspberry Pi 400 is the closest you can get to the wedge-shaped home computers of the 1980s. Add a C64 emulator, and the combination of new and old lets you dive into old-school programming and gaming.

PiMiga 2.0
Convert a Raspberry Pi into a retro computer that behaves like the Amiga 500.

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