Issue #45: Cool Linux Hacks / Jun 2022

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Improve your Linux skills with this cool collection of expert tips and shortcuts. 

This Linux Magazine Special Edition promises you “Cool Linux Hacks,” and we’ll certainly deliver. But what exactly is a hack? In today’s world where Windows is the dominant desktop operating system, the decision to use Linux is the first and most important hack.

See below for the complete list of hacks.

HACK 1 Obsidian: Note Taking App
HACK 2 Sioyek: PDF Viewer with vi-like Shortcuts
HACK 3 KeenWrite Technical Text Editor
HACK 4 AltSearch Extension: Replace the Internal Search Tool in LibreOffice Writer
HACK 5 Install the Diagram Editor Locally
HACK 6 Creating Long Documents with Styles
HACK 7 Search Office Files with uvgrep

HACK 8 Advanced Tracing with traceroute and LFT
HACK 9 Sync with the Maestral Dropbox Client
HACK 10 LANDrop Ad Hoc File Sharing
HACK 11 Xtreme Download Manager
HACK 12 EasyNAS Is a NAS for the Masses
HACK 13 DIY Network Configuration
HACK 14 Use Network Manager's CLI
HACK 15 Run a Simple HTTP Server: weborf
HACK 16 Use screen in SSH Sessions
HACK 17 Dig a Tunnel with sshuttle

HACK 18 Run VMs on a Proxmox Server
HACK 19 Use Docker Tools as Filters
HACK 20 Kaboxer Auto-Loads Docker Images
HACK 21 Launch Programs Inside a VirtualBox VM
HACK 22 The Good Old Days: Linux from the 1990s
HACK 23 Test Alternative CMSs with Docker
HACK 24 Run Binaries from a Different Linux Installation

Keep It Running
HACK 25 Plasma System Monitor
HACK 26 Guider Profiler and Monitor
HACK 27 Visualize ddrescue's Progress
HACK 28 Run dmesg with the Right Options
HACK 29 Get a Quick Machine Configuration Overview with inxi
HACK 30 Where Did You Mount That Disk?
HACK 31 System Monitoring with watch and fswatch
HACK 32 Parse the systemd journal with QJournalctl

HACK 33 projectM Audio Visualizer
HACK 34 AutoEQ Headphone Improver
HACK 35 KnobKraft Orm MIDI Librarian
HACK 36 Mixxx DJ Software
HACK 37 ChowTapeModel Tape Emulation
HACK 38 Surge XT Software Synthesizer
HACK 39 VCV Rack 2 Modular Synthesizer

Security & Privacy
HACK 40 Age: Master of the Keys
HACK 41 Securely Split Your Files with horcrux
HACK 42 OpenSnitch Application Firewall
HACK 43 Parrot OS Desktop Security
HACK 44 Install and Run Tor Browser
HACK 45 Permanently Wipe Files from Your Hard Disk
HACK 46 Disable Webcam and Microphone
HACK 47 Lock Your Screen, Always
HACK 48 Use ccrypt for Quick Encryption

Shell Hacks
HACK 49 Tabby Terminal Emulator
HACK 50 News Ticker
HACK 51 Google on the Command Line
HACK 52 xplr Terminal File Explorer
HACK 53 Use bat, Not cat
HACK 54 plocate Modern Search Tool
HACK 55 Configure Your Shell History
HACK 56 Progress Bars for Standard Tools
HACK 57 Replace top with htop
HACK 58 Highlighting Instead of Grepping
HACK 59 Cool Retro Term Brings Back the 80s
HACK 60 The fish Shell
HACK 61 Universal Unpacker
HACK 62 Start the Right App

Working with Code
HACK 63 Control Git with the lazygit Client
HACK 64 Try the New Lapce Code Editor
HACK 65 CudaText Text Editor
HACK 66 Mix Python and Shell Commands
HACK 67 Textadept Works in Graphics and Text Mode
HACK 68 Perform Dynamic Code Analysis with SystemTap
HACK 69 Replace hexdump with a Colorful Tool
HACK 70 Manage Your git Repository with GRV
HACK 71 Run C Code from the Command Line
HACK 72 Making git Interactive
HACK 73 Count Lines of Code in Your Project
HACK 74 Fix Disturbing Indentation and More

HACK 75 Run the Gamebuntu Setup Script
HACK 76 SDLPoP: Prince of Persia Clone
HACK 77 Sonic Robo Blast 2
HACK 78 Teeworlds Multiplayer Shooting Platformer
HACK 79 Run Old DOS Games with DOSBox
HACK 80 Crispy Doom Clone
HACK 81 UnCiv Strategy Game
HACK 82 Space Station 14
HACK 83 Explore, Expand, Exterminate: Play Star Ruler 2
HACK 84 Lutris Gaming Platform

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