CeBIT Open Source 2011 - Project Presentation VideoLAN


During CeBIT 2011 open source projects such as VideoLAN, open-source multimedia software, will have the opportunity to showcase what is currently in active development.

Short and sweet: How would you describe your project in one or two sentences?

VideoLAN is a project working on open-source multimedia software. The most known is the cross-platform media player and framework "VLC mediaplayer" used by millions of users.

When did the project begin?

VideoLAN started in 1996, and restarted as open source in 2001.

How many active members does the project have?

As VideoLAN regroups a few projects, I'll speak about VLC.The core team is half-a-dozen developer, with around 10 more peoplequite active in the community. Then, a lot of 1-patch developers come and go, usually...

Why was the project created?

VideoLAN was created to be able to stream video inside high-speed LAN,for a university campus...

Why should a CeBIT visitor come to your booth?

Visitor should come to our booth to see the next version of VLC and thecool features we added there...

Who do you make your software for?

We make software for everyone who wants to trust his multimediasoftware...

Where do you see your biggest current challenges?

The biggest chalenges are always the lack of full-time developers, whichmakes it difficult to support the software. Moreover, we always fear there introduction of software patents in Europe, which would kill us.

If you could hire a full-time project developer now, what problem should he or she be ready to solve?

Software Quality and support, and team organisation.

Under which license is the software currently offered?

VLC and most VideoLAN software are GPLv2+.

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