NagAconda: Python Instead of Perl for Nagios Plugins

Feb 18, 2010

The NagAconda Python tool helps when writing plugins for the Nagios monitoring tool and is available in its first open release.

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CeBIT Open Source Project Lounge -- Perl Perl -- the high-level programming language

Feb 02, 2010

Perl is among the 15 projects that will present their work at CeBIT, the dynamic programming language.

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Perl Script Extracts Software Licenses

Dec 31, 2009

A tiny script from U.S. network specialist Scott Iekel-Johnson extracts software licenses from source code. The oss-license-extract tool is now available in version 1.2.

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SysUsage 3.0 Perl Tool in Thorough Rework

Dec 16, 2009

The SysUsage monitoring tool is available in a new version 3.0 and provides a completely reworked Web interface.

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Perl: Log Chat Sessions A Perl script logs chat sessions

Nov 30, 2009

The IRC (Internet Relay Chat) protocol lets you program bots as automatic helpers. In this month's column, we let a bot log a session and store the results in a database.

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Bugzilla 3.4 Released

Jul 29, 2009

Mozilla's bug tracker Bugzilla is now available in version 3.4. and developers have worked hard on the major release to make life for the user a lot easier.

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Perl: USB Subsystem Perl script controls toy USB canon

May 31, 2009

Although a USB toy such as a polystyrene rocket launcher only includes a Windows CD, it works fine on Linux with a spot of reverse engineering. With libusb, this doesn't even require compiling a device driver – Perl controls the device from userspace.

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Perl: Photos Effects Putting an oldtime tint in your digital images

Apr 30, 2009

With the GIMP image editing program, and a little help from Perl, you can enhance your digital photos and transform a modern image into a nostalgic turn-of-the-century shot.

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