Perl: Internet Video Organizer Internet video organizer in Perl

Aug 31, 2006

Video files are ready for download, but your storage space is limited, and, if you're like most people, you may have a hard time letting go of past favorites. You need a higher authority to decide when it’s time to trim down your collection.

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Perl: Plotting GPS Data Putting GPS data on maps

Jul 31, 2006

Perl hackers take to the hills with a navigation system that provides a graphical rendering of a hiking tour.

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Perl: Controlling a Webcam Video monitoring with Perl and a webcam

Jun 30, 2006

Webcams are useful for monitoring. Using CPAN modules and custom-made C code, Perl scripts can automatically adjust the exposure and fish the most interesting images out of a video camera’s data stream.

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Perl: Nagios Plugins Building your own Nagios plugins

May 31, 2006

You can build a plugin in Perl to harness the power of the Nagios monitoring tool.

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Perl: Parser Building a parser with Perl

Apr 30, 2006

Lexers and parsers aren’t only for the long-bearded gurus. We’ll show you how you can build a parser for your own custom applications.

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Perl: Temperature Sensors Reading temperature sensors with Perl

Mar 31, 2006

Linux lets tinkerers connect their hardware creations to computers. We’ll show you how you can use a simple Perl interface to check the temperature of your home or office while you’re away.

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Perl: DateTime Module Exploring the Perl DateTime module

Feb 28, 2006

Because calendar rules are influenced by historical and political decisions, date manipulations are riddled with pitfalls. Perl’s DateTime module knows all the tricks.

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Perl: noworries Detecting system changes with Dnotify

Jan 31, 2006

We'll show you how you can avoid the tragedy of lost files with a transparent, Perl-based version control system.

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