Perl Snapshot: Debugging Working with the Perl debugger

Apr 30, 2005

Some developers condemn the use of debuggers, but in many cases, a debugger is a programmer’s last hope. In this Month’s Perl Snapshot, we’ll look at Perl’s integrated debugger.

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Mar 31, 2005
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Perl: Personal Finances An Extensible Viewer for your Personal Finances

Mar 31, 2005

A helpful Perl script gives you an immediate overview of your financial status, adding the balances of multiple accounts and share depots. It even allows users to add their own plugins.

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Perl: Shell Functions Emulating Shell Functions in Perl

Feb 28, 2005

Perl gives you better shell scripts. Sysadm::Install, a new module from CPAN, helps shell addicts let go of Bash.

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Perl: Building a Jabber Bot Remote control with a Jabber Bot

Dec 31, 2004

To get past a firewall and into a LAN,you need either a secret backdoor or a cooperative agent on the inside. A Jabber client on the LAN contacts a public Jabber server and wait for instructions trickling in as instant messages from its Internet buddies.

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