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In early 2018, Purism presented its goals for the new year in its blog [14]. The Librem 13 and 15 laptops are scheduled for a fourth revision in 2018. The market launch of the Librem 11 tablet, a two-in-one convertible with 11.6-inch display and PureOS, is also imminent.

The company also wants to enhance the security of the devices in the future. Starting in the spring of 2017, Purism equipped all laptops it delivered with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) [15] and the Heads [16] security firmware to prevent manipulation of the boot process and the kernel. Meanwhile, the Librem laptops are also available with a German keyboard layout, and delivery is free of charge worldwide.

Purism is also planning the launch of Purist Ethical Services in 2018. As Todd Weaver explained to Linux Magazine, this is a bundle of services intended to replace the well-known Apple and Google services. Purism is looking to collect freely available tools that do not restrict the user in any way or monetize the user's data.


The positive development of this socially focused company, which is only three years old, shows that the open source concept is also bearing fruit outside of software. Todd Weaver, the company's founder, sees the fact that Purism is not focused on fast profits but on achieving the goals set within the SPC framework as a decisive factor for achieving the goals set so far. We are keeping an eye on the development of Purism with a test of the current Librem 15 in one of the next issues and plan to put the Librem 5 smartphone through its paces next year right after its release.

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Ferdinand Thommes lives and works as a Linux developer, freelance writer, and tour guide in Berlin.

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