Tangram integrates social media services in a single app

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© Lead Image © SORAPONG CHAIPANYA, 123RF.com

© Lead Image © SORAPONG CHAIPANYA, 123RF.com

Article from Issue 235/2020

Tangram lets you track social media portals like Facebook and Twitter, as well as web-based messengers like Whatsapp and Telegram, in a single application window.

Anyone who uses more than just a handful of online services can quickly lose track of all the open social media portals in their browser. In addition, the proliferation of Like buttons endangers your privacy, allowing Facebook and other companies to follow you wherever you go. Your social media presence becomes even more complicated if you use more than one account, for example, one for business and one for private activities. Providers generally do not support seamless switching between the different accounts.

The desire for more systematic control of social media accounts and web applications has given rise to a new class of desktop tools that offer unified management of web applications through a single user interface. Tangram [1] is a promising candidate that is built on the Gnome libraries and the Gnome web browser (formerly known as Epiphany). The goal of the Tangram project is to "…improve integration of web applications into the desktop, especially the Gnome desktop."

Tangram displays all your web applications in a unified window. The different applications appear as tabs, allowing you to move effortlessly among the services, or you can find the application you're looking for in an easy navigation menu.


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