Halloween candy vending machine

Halloween Machine

© Lead Image © Inok, Fotolia.com

© Lead Image © Inok, Fotolia.com

Article from Issue 238/2020

A Halloween vending machine frightens visitors, but the braver ones receive a chocolate reward.

With a project as complex as a Halloween vending machine, you need to take everything step by step; otherwise, you quickly get confused. To begin, you must clarify what purpose the vending machine serves. The young visitors are supposed to start it themselves; it then performs a scary show and hands out a piece of chocolate. The show includes sound and light effects – which doesn't sound too complicated – at first.


A stable wooden beam forms the basis of the machine. All of the components can be attached to it easily. The temptation to use warped beams just because they are available and cost almost nothing will probably cause more trouble than spending money on good material. The specific machine from this example has a height of around 190cm (~6ft) with a footprint of 60x60cm (~2x2ft). However, no precise size and material specifications are made at this point, just a few tips.

Above all, you need to make sure that the body does not easily tilt or tip over. For this purpose, it is useful to add weights to the base (e.g., heavy stones). Wheels to roll the machine are useful, too. If you construct the vending machine in your garage or basement, test beforehand whether it will fit through the doors that deliver it to its final destination. I have had to disassemble and shorten a completely finished construction in the past just to get it outside.


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