Fennec Fox Comes out of Hiding

Oct 20, 2008

As a small creature living in the Sahara, the fennec fox (vulpus zerda) has to be satisfied with very little. This is equally true of Mozilla's own Fennec that is to feel at home with the scant resources of hardware on mobile devices.

A user experience alpha version of the Fennec browser has now emerged that also runs on desktops. Fennec alpha developers are requesting feedback from the community and are seeking localization efforts and useful add-ons. The browser is touch-screen navigable and maximizes content display by auto-hiding controls and the URL bar. An additional zoom allows content magnification. A click on a telephone number on a webpage automatically dials the number.

The Mozilla webpage announcing Fennec includes tips on operating the browser. Testing Fennec in the usual environment requires a Nokia N810 tablet running the Maemo OS2008 variant (download installation from here). However, you can also install Fennec on a Windows, Mac OS X or Linux desktop. The Linux installation download is here. Note that despite its good looks, the browser is not ready for production environments.

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