NConf 1.2.6 Imports CSV Files

Nov 26, 2009

Born out of the practical needs of a Swiss telecommunications firm, the new version of the NConf configuration interface for Nagios has undergone some further improvements.

The new features for the NConf version encompass improvements, changes and bugfixes. Among them are importing of CSV files, classes and attributes for creating host and service templates, and smaller utilitities such as the new assign_cust_order datatype to control the series of entries in the configuration files. The generate_config command was also changed by transferring it to the perl database API introduced in the previous version. The API also got some enhancements of its own. A further small change to NConf is that the entries from imported Nagios configurations are brought in in order and not in a random sequence.

The Nagios NConf GUI is a relatively young project that debuted in March 2009 with version 1.2.4. Nagios users will find two readmes in the packed download archive that point to possible update problems from 1.2.4 or 1.2.5 to 1.2.6 because of command or name changes. Patches are available for particular problems. Apart from the Sourceforge download link, the project webpage includes a detailed changelog on the Download tab, along with a demo.

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