Nagios NConf 1.2.5 GUI Brings New Features

Jun 16, 2009

The new NConf release, despite being a minor one, provides many clear improvements.

Among the important new enhancements for the PHP-based Web tool are two beta features: it can now import entire Nagios monitoring configurations and provides a perl database API. A new (and stable) view shows parent and child dependencies of a selected host. NConf can also provision Nagios services on one host across several hosts.

Some of the minor enhancements include a new add-ons folder with a few script helpers, such as for history cleanups. More importantly, admins can now directly edit Nagios configuraton data in NConf. However, this feature requires an entry in the nconf.php configuration file when upgrading from Nconf 1.2.4 to 1.2.5:

$STATIC_CONFIG = array("static_cfg");

The GPLv2 software is available for download on SourceForge as a zipped tar file. The archive of the well documented software also includes installation instructions. Details on the features and fixes are in the changelog, which is also part of the download data.

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