OpenSUSE Opens up Kernel Git Repository

Nov 24, 2009

The openSUSE project has decided to set up an open Git repository for its kernel instead of the daily kernel snapshot.

Different than the previous "Kernel of the Day," a once daily snapshot over FTP of Novell's kernel, openSUSE developers at Novell will be synchronizing the new Git repository several times daily. The old kernel shapshot, however, will continue to be maintained for testers who don't work directly in the kernel.

A new wiki page describes how to use the openSUSE Git. In Joe Brockmeier's words, "We hope the new Git repository will be helpful to anyone testing openSUSE kernels or building their own derivatives." The recommended way to include patches in the openSUSE kernel is still to push them upstream. Changing anything in the packaging or scripts requires sending patches to the development list.

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