Rankings of the Most Influential Open Source Voices

Mar 25, 2010

Mark Fidelman from the open source centered company Mindtouch, has devised a method of establishing who has the strongest influence in the open source community. The result is a list of the Most Powerful Voices (MPV) by rank.

Fidelman arrived at his conclusions by creating a formula to measure parameters like popularity on Twitter, Google and blogs. The MPV score was then gleamed by evaluating criteria such as Followers, Open Source Buzz and Web Buzz.

Tim O'Reilly is the undisputed leader of the list. Despite being relatively quiet on blogs and Twitter, Linus Torvalds came in at second place. Torvalds doesn't blog much and when he does its usually more about his family than open source matters, yet this alone is enough to attract a lot of attention. The rankings can be found on the blog of Mark Fidelmann.

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