Simplexo Open Source Software Searches Enterprise Databases

Sep 15, 2008

British company Simplexo now offers an open source search engine by the same name, targeted for enterprises. It promises cross-enterprise data searches in a mouse click.

The challenge for a search engine encompassing the enterprise market is that the data is available in various formats distributed across multiple locations in enterprise networks. Unstructured and unindexed sources in word-processed, tabular, e-mail, graphic and text data are widely distributed among servers and desktops. Along with these is structured information from databases, personal records, financial bookkeeping, CRM and ERP systems, source trees and other locations. Simplexo intends to solve this problem with its search engine and promises a "single-click" solution in real time.

Before using this tool, the administrator must configure the search. This takes only a few minutes, based on their Product Info page: the administrator inputs the data source for each structured information, enters login details, and specifies the fields to be included in the search. As soon as group privileges are added, the Simplexo tool should start doing its job.

As an API, the J2EE application running under JBoss uses the SOAP protocol. Because the system is browser-based, it is platform-independent. At the same time it is supposed to be highly scalable: according to their claims, it can connect 600,000 concurrent users. Simplexo is also counting on the embedded highly secure Open Source software to satisfy the requirements of the British Ministry of Defense (MoD), MoD-Security Level AES 256.

The software is available as a free download via a web form. Support and an update service from Simplexo are available at a cost. Price and licensing information is still pending.

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