X.Org 7.5 Now Ready

Oct 28, 2009

Since July there has been much speculation about the arrival date of the new version of X.org. Now, X.Org 7.5 with multi-pointer support, has been officially released.

The news came from Sun's Alan Coopersmith on the announce-mailing list. On board the latest version (official name X11R7.5) is the new X Server 1.7 with integrated multi-pointer support which enables multiple interface devices to be connected to the server simultaneously.

The next version of the software, X11R7.6, is scheduled for April next year. Developers are also working on a more predictable release cycle.

X.Org.7.5 can be downloaded as source code here. Simpler and more secure however, is for users to wait for their own distros to provide an update.

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