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Remote Control

Controlling PCs with an Android smartphone


Did you leave your system running? Did you forget to start a critical backup? Control your Linux computer from anywhere with an Android phone.

Building virtual filesystems with cmdfs

KNOW-HOW: Friendly Filter

The sys admin’s daily grind – Converting to Btrfs

SYSADMIN: Btr's Better

Klaus Knopper answers your Linux questions

KNOW-HOW: Ask Klaus!

ownCloud Introduces Version 4


Unified Event Monitoring with Splunk


Secure your enterprise, monitor system performance, and more by harnessing the power of Splunk to search, monitor, report, and analyze events and data from any source.

Intrusion Detection with fail2ban


For its size, fail2ban, a utility that scans logfiles and bans suspicious IP addresses, punches well above its weight.

Apache Announces OpenOffice 3.4


When is a release not a release?

Off the Beat: Bruce Byfield's Blog


Display File System Space Usage with dfc

Productivity Sauce


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