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Article from Issue 240/2020

BeeBEEP offers a complete chat solution for small businesses or projects, allowing you to send messages and share files within your network without relying on the cloud or complicated office infrastructure.

Keeping office communication both simple and secure can be a challenge. No matter whether it's email, modern short messages and voice messages, or sharing your desktop, too many communication paths travel through the cloud and across the Internet on paths that are not transparent. The classic email in particular is a dinosaur. Encrypted messages involve undesirable overhead for most users, and even strategically important information often crosses the web without protection.

Solutions hosted in-house are one alternative. A separate Jabber server removes the need for WhatsApp. Your own mail server enables secure communication – at least within your own organization. And there are a number of open source programs that let colleagues share your desktop.

But independence from major vendors and doing without commercial services often requires a great deal of time and work. Among other things, it usually includes configuring, administering, and maintaining servers and software.


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