FSF Awards for John Gilmore and Archive.org

Mar 26, 2010

At the LibrePlanet conference, held in Cambridge MA. on Saturday, the Free Software Foundation presented its annual free software awards. Winners were the software activist John Gilmore and the internet archive, Archive.org.

John Gilmore accepted the prize for the "Advancement of Free Software" from FSF President Richard Stallman. Since the founding of his company, Cygnus Solutions, in 1989, Gilmore has stood for the application of free software, especially in his contributions to the GNU debugger.

The award for the "Project of Social Benefit" went to the internet archive and was received by co-founder of the archive, Brewster Kahle. The archive contains around 1.8 million books, either from the public domain or freely accessible due to expired copyright. Films and music with the same criteria can also be found in the archive.

Previous winners of the ''Advancement'' award have been:
2008 Wietse Venema
2007 Harald Welte
2006 Ted Ts'o
2005 Andrew Tridgell
2004 Theo de Raadt
2003 Alan Cox
2002 Lawrence Lessig
2001 Guido van Rossum
2000 Brian Paul
1999 Miguel de Icaza
1998 Larry Wall
The ''Social Benefit Award'' has gone to:
2008 Creative Commons
2007 Groklaw
2006 Sahana Disaster Management System
2005 Wikipedia

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