Nokia Surveys Qt Users

Apr 26, 2010

In a detailed online survey, the Qt Software division of Nokia is seeking input from Qt users.

The Qt users surveyed are programmers, sales and training personnel who write or deploy Qt apps for particular platforms and end-user groups. The survey doesn't take more than 15 minutes, despite the high volume of questions. The Qt maker wants to know, for example, how many colleagues work in which programming languages. Completing the survey entitles participants to win one of 50 Nokia N900s.

Some of the questions may not have been thought out completely. The survey first asks about distributed teams, then wants to know at which single location they reside.

Comments in the survey blog ranged from complaints about the survey's length to statements of general excitement. Some participants had trouble with drag-and-drop on the iPhone, so that mode was discouraged. A deadline was not mentioned. Details are on the Qt User Survey page.

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