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Klaus Knopper answers your Linux questions

FEATURES: Ask Klaus free

The sys admin's daily grind: Whowatch et al.

FEATURES: On Patrol free

Using the Raspberry Pi as a gateway proxy

LINUXUSER: Gateway to the World free

Big Data, Python, and the future of security

FEATURES: Good vs. Bad free

Communication in the Post-PRISM World

PRISM Break: Part 1


Linux users didn’t need the recent NSA eavesdropping scandal to convince them that securing communication was a good idea. For years, free software developers have been creating secure tools that offer similar functionalities to all of those popular but very leaky services with ridiculous names.

Security and latency

SYSADMIN: Just a Minute free

COMMUNITY NOTEBOOK: Zack's Kernel News free

Fundamentals of IT risk analysis

FEATURES: Risk Wisdom free

Encrypting files and drives

LINUXUSER: Lock and Key free

Encrypting your Linux system with LUKS and ZFS

COVER STORIES: Full Protection free

Issue 272/2023

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